Transgender Facial Surgery

Transgender surgery involves cosmetic goals in an important and unique situation. Procedures include:

Brow lift
Temporal lift
Frontal bossing reduction osteotomy
Reduction osteotomy of the supra-orbital rims
Nasal tip refinement
Zygoma augmentation
Submalar augmentation
Submandibular liposuction

Neck lift
Face lift (often SMAS)
Platysma banding elimination
Lip lift
Chin recontouring
Jaw recontouring

Many of these procedures are also commonly carried out as part of routine cosmetic surgery (face lift, neck lift, etc) while some of them are specific to feminization (mandibular angle shaving, brow bossing reduction).

Transgender feminization is a uniquely focused set of surgical procedures which help move the patient closer to her goal. Although there are limits to what can be accomplished, Dr. Feins is sensitive to this community and is committed to individualizing a plan to help accomplish these goals.